Picture of Hickory Smoked Pheasant

Hickory Smoked Pheasant

Our hickory smoked pheasant is fully cooked and full of flavor! Ready to enjoy with you family or for an elegant dinner with guests. Each pheasant is 2-2.5 pounds which will provide about 3 cups of meat when fully deboned. Hickory smoke permeates the meat while the salty sweet flavor enhances every bite. Pheasant is a lean meat which provides lower fat and less sodium. This meat is never dry or tough and provides a fun, unique dinner meal.

Try this on a salad, in a sandwich or share it with friends on an appetizer tray.  Use in place of canadian bacon to add a new twist to eggs benedict!  Let your imagination soar with smoked pheasant!

Choose from our 1, 2, or 4 pack! 

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